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    Update and Sunshine

    Grandma, thankfully, is recovering from her episode.  It was not a stroke but a debilitating seizure.  It has been determined that a fast-growing, malignant brain tumor caused the seizure, and the doctors believe the tumor has been growing since her stroke a few months ago.  As of yesterday afternoon, she was alert and responsive - the medications reduced swelling in and around her brain, which allowed her body to revive itself somewhat.

    She will not recover from this new frailty, and we are praying for ease of passing, and that she will enjoy visits with friends and family.  We will travel to be with her by the end of the week, and hope to see others of our family while we’re there.  Grandma, thankfully (again), is prepared for the end of her life here, knowing that an eternity of living is waiting for her.  We are happy that she is our grandma and we will treasure her good example and pass on her heritage of family and love.  God has blessed her, and us.

    The sun is out and it is warming up nicely.  The ground is drying out, so planting and gardening can now commence (and re-commence).  I’m full of things to say and write about.  As I mentioned in my last article, May is rich and full, and I imagine parts of our adventures will find their way onto paper (or the computer monitor) soon enough.

    There are new posts on the other three journal pages:  The Healthy Home, Kids at Home, and The Nourishing Home.  I hope you enjoy reading them - I certainly enjoy sharing.  Enjoy the rest of your week and remember to count your blessings.

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