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    You are in for a treat

    ♪ ♪  Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Haaaa-py An-ni-ver-sa-ry ♫ ♫

    I am taking the week off to rest, relax, and recreate with my honey!  It’s our anniversary week and a milestone anniversary, at that.  Thirty years of wedded bliss.  As I told my family in an email, “Thirty years…it doesn’t seem like 30 years have gone by…we are happy.  And blessed.  And would do it all over again (without the mistakes from the first time around ).”

    Here is where the treat for you comes in…Guest Authors.  I have solicited articles from our kids and our nieces and nephews - on each of the journal pages.  Young adults, all, and gifted, clever, men and women (gushing, just a little).  College graduates (with one in doctoral studies), college students, professionals, high school students.  They will write about what they know, about their passions and interests.  Insights from the younger generations are good for all of us.

    So, Happy Anniversary!

    Enjoy the reading and leave them a comment.  Or two.