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    "No title this time, because I couldn't come up with something concise."

    After quite a bit of time off from school, I’m finally taking (more) college courses this fall. While I’m excited, and definitely ready to be back in school, this brings up a most dreaded question:

    “What’s your major?”

    I haven’t actually done much college (a semester in Colorado, and a semester + summer at community college. In that order.), but this is my third major. First was Art, with an emphasis on photography, then came Human Services. Through volunteering at an after-school program focused mainly on the arts, I came to realize that I wanted to combine the two. Unfortunately, it’s currently impossible to get a BFA in Changing Lives Through Art. The major I’ve settled on sounds a bit shallow until I explain how I want to use it, which is why I dread the question: I know that it’s going to require a long explanation.

    I settled on my current major because my intent is to launch it into a non-profit organization to aid victims of human trafficking. I’ve done my best to research human trafficking in the U.S., but very little research has been done. Estimates are broad, and shelters are few. I don’t know for certain how many shelters there are, but I do know that it’s a single-digit number, and that there are zero in my home state of Texas. This is appalling to me- we’re a border state, and we’ve had several major trafficking busts in the last few years. But we’re doing NOTHING to help the victims.

    I’ll step off my soapbox now.

    That’s why I’m studying Fashion Design.

    When I moved home from Chicago, I started sewing CONSTANTLY (I had way too much free time). Somewhere in there, a friend of mine suggested something to me that I’d already been considering… which I took to mean that God was definitely saying, “Here’s how I want you to use this gift.” 

    The idea is to teach sewing as a trade to victims of human trafficking. Even if they don’t use the skill, it helps to teach them how to have a real job. It gives them a resume, and can build their confidence. There’s nothing like this in the U.S., but I’ve found similar programs in AfricaAsia and South America.  All of which I desperately want to visit.

    ~by Katee Smith

    Katee, another great article.  The vision you have for this venture is really incredible - something that so many will be able to support.  Keep us updated.