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    Silly me.

    I want to add to the article on The Healthy Home page about sweetening your summer foods.  In the acceptable sweeteners listing, I left off one of my favorites - stevia.  It is gaining popularity with the advent of products and information.  A lovely South American shrub, stevia is the ultimate way to sweeten your drinks or desserts without the adverse effects of the ‘sugar blues’.  Much, much sweeter than sugar, no calories, no excess glucose production or insulin release, no side effects.  You can find stevia in several forms - whole, dried leaves; powdered leaves (unprocessed); processed stevia powder; liquid stevia extract; and a mixed powder with other sweeteners.  There are even several stevia products in the baking section of most grocery stores.  Check it out and give it a try.  You can find more information on The Nourishing Home page.

     … … … … … … …

    Lying awake in the wee hours of the morning is, for me, the perfect time for reflection.  For some reason, in the quiet of the night, our thoughts become less jumbled.  We can more easily see The Big Picture.  Remembering what we couldn’t during the day, a jogging of our memories, happens when peace reigns over the dark, quiet hours.

    I, sometimes, still wake with a jerk, alarmed that some curriculum project for our son’s home education has not been completed (they are now 28 and 25 years old).  Snaggledy thoughts are unraveled as I slowly open my eyes and lie there unable to sleep.  Even remembering details from a conversation that happened just yesterday, or the evening before, that were not passed along to GB.  So it is with this website and my journal pages.

    Last night, additions to these previous articles just popped (!) into my head.  I wasn’t thinking about those posts; I hadn’t re-read them to evaluate the writing or content.  Ideas and remembrances were just there.  Know what I mean?

    More on Sun Protection:

    • Here is a link to an article on foods that may help with your skin’s natural sun protection.  This meshes nicely with my encouragement to eat whole and nutritious foods, as well as lots of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

    Additions to your sunburn cures:

    • As part of your cooling down triage, ice cubes are a quick way to reduce skin temperature.  Make your ice ahead of time with filtered water, healing herbal teas (those mentioned in the article), filtered water with pure aloe vera gel or juice, filtered water with essential oils (those mentioned in the article).  Keep them in glass jars in the freezer (duh!), properly labeled.
    • Other herbs to include in your sunburn first aid arsenal:  plantain and chickweed are both wild weed herbs that grow in yards and waste areas.  A poultice of the freshly crushed leaves will work to reduce pain and begin healing.  Refer to my article on wild greens for more information.