Moving Right Along

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What a grand adventure!

I love teaching; I love conversation, writing, artistic expression.

I love our sons - as babies, as boys at home, in their adulthood.

I love my husband, my parents…all the family.

I love our grandson and the one yet-to-be-born.

I love God.

How wonderful and exciting it is, what a blessing, to have had all this (to have all this) and still find time and resources to add fulfillment upon fulfillment.

I love gardening, herbs, and baking.


I love reading, hiking, glass, screened porches, and songbirds at feeders.

Last night’s sunset.

Love –
  :  warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion
transitive verb:
 :  to hold dear : cherish
 :  to thrive in
    Synonyms:  appreciate, cherish, prize, treasure, value, set store by

Fulfillment –
   :  the act or process of fulfilling
      Synonyms:  accomplishment, achievement, discharge, enactment, execution

I find, more and more, that expressing myself through the written word is valuable.  I really love it.  Just like baking a lemon-blueberry cake with lemon, goat cheese icing for a niece’s wedding party or gathering poesies of peppermint for drying in the shed.  Acknowledging that sunset, filling those bird feeders, enjoying that sink full of hot, sudsy water.

Whom do you love and who brings you love?  What do you do that you love?  How do you find-or where do you find-fulfillment, purpose, and satisfaction?  Even the simple, maybe the unexceptional; but always close at hand.

Enjoy this day.  Take notice, lift your head, admire, create, and be thankful.


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What fun.

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