A Late-summer Saturday Morning

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It was a spider web that turned my mind.

Thin strands against a single window pane appeared, at the turning of an eye, as perfect lines of fracture or of patterned dust.  Struck and stilled by the intricacy, by the craft, I forgot the very chores that sent me to the kitchen.  A dishwasher full of clean dishes, last night’s iron skillet to wash, and trash to take out faded from the mental to-do list.

In perfect harmony with the new day’s sun, my face pressing ever more closely against the glass, the web work was amazing in its simplicity and beauty.  Not my first spider web, of course.  It was not glistening with dew drops or funneled into a meal trap.  And not the first spider extravaganza at these particular windows.  They are all glorious and wonderful; but, this.  This one.  This morning.

Hmmmm.  Nothing new, nothing fancy.  The very web construction you draw out on paper as a child, or see in cartoons, or buy in poster form at Halloween.  The type of tree-to-tree filaments I imagined while reading about hobbit and dwarf adventures in Mirkwood Forest.

It took a moment to feel the smile, to notice the rising joy.  My mind was turned.  I was truly struck and became still in mind and body.  A short sigh turned into a, “Wow.  Hey, honey, come look at this!”  Why did the herb garden, blurred in my visual background, look suddenly – greener?  Flower colors more vivid?  The sunlight, sharper?  The definition of pure pleasure.   Simple pleasure.

As words formed in my mind – something to help me keep the joy – I went for my camera.  All the while knowing that some moments, captured in a photograph, are disappointing.  As predicted, there was no way our little digital handheld would satisfy the need.  A ladder, maybe?  If I were at eye level, outside the house, and craned myself to focus the perfect beam of light onto the threads…..  No.

So here is the gain and sum of the moment:  (I do wish there was a perfect picture to share.)

Thankfulness and wonder bubble in my heart and in my head.

I have greater recognition of God as creator and that “God is love.”

Today is brighter.

My steps are lighter.

Because a spider stumbled my step and turned my mind.

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