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    Are You Ready?

    Food.  Good Food.  Good food prepared well.  Chocolate!

    Be the first of your family and friends to receive this introduction to my newest Journal Page:  The Nourshing Home.  Not just a page, or blog, exclusively for and about food.  When I say “nourishing”, I mostly think of eating well; but true nourishment can mean so much more.  Wanna find out?  Click on this link or the journal page title at the top.


    Japan On My Mind

    As I looked through my small window of information at this newest world catastrophe, I witnessed something unusual. These broken, homeless people were acting oddly. Most bizarre, considering the enormity of their situation.

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    Done and Done

    Realization, fruition, excitement, a little apprehension. The many months of planning and preparation, even frustration, have finally paid off. Yes, we can all learn to use frustration in positive ways.

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