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    Organize Your Life

    Since it is still coldish here, my plan for today is to stay inside.  Even more than inside - I will travel down into the bowels of the house and begin cleaning and straightening the basement.  Holidays, a new basement fridge (new to us), and upper house remodeling have all taken their toll on the storage areas.  One of the many things my parents taught us (by instruction and example) was organization.  Besides being some of the hardest working people I know, they live by the motto, “An organized life is a happy life”.  And I have learned to love it!  It does make me happy to know that whatever I need or want can be found in a moment by going to the place where it lives.  A place for everything and everything in its place.  The ‘place’ might be a drawer, a tub, or a Wal-mart sack hanging on a hook.  However, as long as it’s off the floor and out of the pile in the corner, then it works.

    In honor of today’s basement makeover, I want to begin the first of several posts on organization and de-cluttering.  The prospect doesn’t have to be overwhelming or alarming.  It is a one-item-at-a-time proposition.  Spring is perfect for beginning the journey to a downsized and organized life.  You, too, may learn to love it!

    First things, first - gather storage containers.  Make it inexpensive, make it simple.  Shoeboxes, tubs, baskets, bags.  At our house, we love antiques.  So many of my organizational tools run to the old and the eclectic:  wooden ammo boxes, large bread tins, glass jars, and picnic baskets.  If your tastes are modern then shop yard sales and thrift stores for glass, leather covered boxes, and metal containers.  You want items large and small, and think about re-purposing what you already have.  The  thought of a Wal-mart sack hanging on a hook may not be appealing, but the idea is to get started and get it done.  You can always go back and move your organized life into other ‘holdables’.

    This is going to be fun…really.  I would love to hear how you keep your belongings contained and easy to reach.  Leave a comment or send me an email!

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