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    We have some lovely, large trees on our property - Red Maple, Silver Maple, Box Elder, Black Walnut, Pecan, Willow Oak, Dogwood, American Holly.  Over the years they have provided excellent shade, large limbs for swings, food, material to fuel a boys’ imagination (swords, clubs, trebuchet, bonfire, walking stick), and many natural science lessons.  But, one of their most interesting contributions is the helicopters.  The single-winged, bright-green-turning-beige, seed pods from the maple trees.  GB called them helicopters when he was a boy and the name stuck.  Have you ever seen them fall from the sky?  They twist, turn, and plummet in lovely spirals.  Their one large seed is at one end, and the other  is a fan-shaped wing.  We have buckets of them around here - sprouting in the gutters, clogging up the flowerbeds, piling on the driveway.  The boys would take large handfuls and throw them in the air, and then stand in the middle of a helicopter rain.

    Today, they are still attached to the tree limbs and hang in such lovely droops.  Behind the Silver Maple are two Redbud trees in our neighbor’s yard; and the neon green clusters back dropped by the purple flowery limbs is just lovely.  A combination that I find mesmerizing!

    What is a favorite springtime scene from your home, or neighborhood?  Have you found that perfect view?  Stop a moment, look up, look around, and see what is really there to see.  The colors are bright, almost iridescent.  They will make you happy and lift your spirits.

    Ask the Lord for rain in the springtime; it is the Lord who sends the thunderstorms.  He gives showers of rain to all people, and plants of the field to everyone.”  Zechariah 10:1

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    Reader Comments (2)

    I love the helicopters too Aunt Teresa! I also love the lime green of new growth on trees, especially when it rains and the tree trunks turn dark, almost black . . . such an appealing contrast :)

    Yes! I too love the dark bark...against a blue sky, with spring color, or autumn leaves.

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