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    "There and Back Again"

    Tolkien fans forgive me, but this is a great title.  I love the story, the characters, and the memories of reading his books aloud to our boys.  These words have been bouncing around my head now that I’m home from my week away.  We had a grand time, but it is wonderful to be back in my own nest and see GB!

    I have gone back through previous posts and added some pictures - especially of the lovely wildflowers and weeds in our springtime backyard.  Learning to navigate this web platform has brought opportunities for increased patience.  Lucky me.  Bear with the reformatting, additions, and changes.  Think of them as an opportunity for you to become experts at website navigation… (now how do I add a smiley face?)

    You may have noticed words throughout the texts that are a different color - mauveish, I hope.  These are clickable links for web pages that will open in new browser tabs.  Use them to gain information, for explanation, and just for fun.  One of my philosophies of life is to look up words I don’t know and gain information that helps me understand something new.  I hope the articles, as well as the embedded links, will be helpful and encouraging.

    There is a new page, or journal, on the site:  The Healthy Home.  One of my favorite subjects.  A love of natural, or holistic, medicine and healing began in my teens; and the research is always enjoyable.  GB has been very supportive and has a great interest as well.  The boys, well, they downed homemade tinctures and medicinal teas like men.  They had no choice of course (another smiley face or some such would go here); and even as they grew older they accommodated my “witch doctor” ways.  Now that they are men they remember the mantra well, “Fresh air, vitamin C, sunshine, plenty of water, and good bread.”  The household cure-all.

    Enjoy the article and enjoy your week!

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