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    Highways and Byways

    Beautiful springtime in the Ozarks!  I spent yesterday traveling with my parents to southwest Arkansas winding our way through lovely landscapes.  We passed through the Boston mountain range and further south the mighty Ouachita Mountains.  The Ouachitas are the largest range in this part of the country, passing over into southeast Oklahoma; and along with the rugged Ozark Mountains, are the Rocky Mountains for the southern plains states (smile).
    This is the perfect opportunity for me to introduce the best friend I left behind and the one I’m visiting this week.    My husband, GB (short for Gibby Baby, and his moniker for this website), is one great man. He loves me, spoils me, and is my greatest critic, um, fan.  We have many common interests, among which, are our sons!  He knows and accepts all my shortcomings and idiosyncrasies - he’s my boon companion.  You’ll hear about him again - I don’t experience much in life without him!
    Now, BFF number two.  I first met her when I was in Jr. High and her daddy was the new evangelist for our congregation.  We clicked from the very beginning, and even ended up marrying men with the same last name.  After crashing her niece’s slumber party last night and visiting with her sister for a while, we reminisced about our own adventures through youth and adulthood!    We get together a few times a year and talk or email several times a week.  In honor of my stay with her this week, and to help you include more vegetable protein, there is an awesome recipe for black bean patties on The Nourishing Home page (I first had these at her house).
    Mother and Daddy are camping and fishing this week - it’s spring crappie (ˈkrä-pē) fishin’ time!  My next post will give you the ins and outs of catching and enjoying these mellow, white-fleshed, beauties.

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